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Acrylic blankets. Seeing is believing.
The future of blankets is here. Acrylic blanket is one wonder product that blends comfort, aesthetics, utility, durability and hygiene with admirable ease.

More Warm
Thanks to its bulky characteristics and twisted pile structure, acrylic yarn is similar to natural wool and ensures the same kind of warmth.

Unlike conventional yarns, color does not bleach easily because of acrylic yarn's ionic cohesion with dye pigment and strong bondage of pile with ground textile. This makes acrylic yarn more durable.

Static electricity free
Acrylic blanket is completely static electricity free because of the special soil release treatment which gives it better hydrophilic property. Result: so little spark and less contamination during laundry.

Skin Friendly
Acrylic blankets are made through patented eco-friendly manufacturing processes. No hazardous materials are used in any stage of production. The use of additives is minimized and every blanket is subjected to a stringent cleaning process before it reaches the customer’s hands. So no chance for allergies or skin diseases. Only great comfort.

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